Privacy Policy

Giraffe In The Bath

Giraffe In The Bath for iPad is an interactive parent and child read-along book.

The app is designed to be an immersive and imaginitive experience for children under 5.

General use:

The app may be used with or without parental supervision.

The app does not ask for, nor does it transmit, any personal information to Tobytek or a third party.

The app does not transmit location information.

The content of the app is deemed to be fit for viewing by young children.

Please contact Tobytek ( here ) if you have any further concerns.

Parental Protection use:

There are protected areas within the app that require a parent or guardian to access them.

The areas are protected by asking a mathematical question to prove that the user is an adult.

These areas provide access to the App Store for the purposes of leaving a review, and to the Tobytek website.

One further area allows a message to be posted to Facebook, Twitter or Email, for purposes of sharing the app with friends.

Tobytek does not collect any information used by these parental functions, however basic information (such as IP address and geographic location) may be submitted to AddThis (a third party service).

Please review the AddThis privacy statement here.