Tobytek collects very little data about you when you use our apps. In many cases no data at all.

We do sometimes show ads to support our free apps, and this makes use of external partners. At present we work with the Google Ad Network.

The Google Ad Network by default tries to make sure the ads you see are relevant. This means they try to make sure you are not spammed with annoying ads that mean nothing to you.

Please see how Google makes use of your data here:

We understand that sometimes you would rather we didn’t allow Google, or any of our future partners, to use your anonymized data in any way. Within the EU/EEA we also comply fully with the GDPR data protection laws.

App users who reside in the EEA (European Economic Area): When using an ad supported app from Tobytek you are given options as to how to have control over your data.

You may choose to give consent for:

  • Personalized ads.
  • Non Personalized ads.
  • Upgrade to a premium “no ad” version of the app.
  • Once you have made your selection you can also change this at any time from within the app.